Ms. Jazmine Allen, Junior English Teacher at Mumford High School reached out the Mumford High School Alumni Association for help. Please read the following email. If interested in assisting or if you have questions about this project, please contact Ms. Allen directly at (313)416-7400 ext 7502 or

Good evening,
I hope this email finds you well, enjoying the break in weather and the end of what was a very mild summer. For me, the end of this month marks the beginning of a new school year at Mumford High School and what I hope will be the beginning of a life changing experience for the students who will sit before me as juniors.
You have experience in an area that may be of great interest to one, some, or all of my students and I would like to capitalize on the opportunity to utilize you as a resource for the students in my classroom. As you may know, inner city kids face many challenges- internally and externally. I serve students who are homeless, students who are victims of violence and abuse. But, more importantly, I serve students whose only role models are the individuals in major league sports and who rap catchy lyrics. No professional, educated, well-versed individuals like you all. As a result, my students are burdened with an invisible plight: lack of exposure. They may like watching the HGTV channel, but know nothing of the life of and/or requirements to become an architect; they may enjoy making money, but know nothing about accounting, marketing, or public relations; they may be very good listeners and may give really good advice, but they lack any depth and breadth of knowledge relating to psychology or sociology. I could continue for days about the talents and interests of my students, but I cannot expose them to the possibilities that lie before them like you all can.
I may not be able to combat all of the issues, but I can tackle the issue of exposure with your help. I’m asking that, with the permission of your supervisor (if applicable), a few students who share interests in your field of experience be allowed to shadow you for a brief time (between 1-3 hours) one Friday a month. It is my hope that my students are able to make a direct connection between what they are doing in school right now and what they need to change or continue in order to gain and/or surpass the levels of success that you all have achieved. It is also my hope that under your guidance, they are able to become more sophisticated, more elaborate, more reserved, and definitely more professional.
If you are interested in helping change the lives of my juniors this school year, please respond back at your earliest convenience. I’d like to have details ironed out before the beginning of school, September 02, 2014. If, however, you are not interested or are not able to contribute and know someone who would like to help, please forward this message on to them.
Educationally Yours,
Jazmine M. Allen
English Department Chair
Junior English Teacher
Mumford High School
17525 Wyoming St.
Detroit, MI 48221