Who We Are

The Mumford High School Alumni Association organized in April 2004 and is recognized as a non-profit, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization, organized for educational and charitable purposes. The association is comprised of graduates and administrators of Mumford High School.

Association members represent all graduates from 1953 to recent grads. Its members work together to fulfill the association’s mission and help to meet the needs of the students through financial support, mentoring, resources, and partnerships with students, school personnel, parents, and community leaders.

All graduates of Mumford, graduating seniors, student council members, current and/or former Teachers and Administrators are eligible to join the alumni association.

We hope you will participate in activities and fundraisers that benefit the students and teachers at Mumford HS both now and in the future.

Meeting the Goals of Our Mission
In an effort to foster the goals of our Mission, the Alumni Association aims to:

  • Provide scholarships to students who graduate and are enrolled for the first year at a college, university, business or trade school.
  • Encourage students through mentoring and partnerships.
  • Assist students and their parents by providing educational resources and basic necessities.
  • Develop strategies to generate funds to aid with necessary building repairs and new construction projects.


Our mission is to support the Board of Education and Samuel C. Mumford High School in promoting a healthy learning environment that will prepare students to become successful and productive contributing members of society.

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